Password-less Secure Login


Providing a frictionless but secure way for new users to sign up and login to their app or web site is a key pain point for developers. Trusted Key greatly simplifies this process for both users and developers with an easy-to-use yet secure solution based on mobile phones and blockchain technology. Users just need to download the Trusted Key App once and register their email address as their universal username. Developers can easily configure a Trusted Key Relying Party login button on a website or mobile app. To register and login, users simply enter their email address and then verify the access request through the Trusted Key App. For users, this means no more usernames or passwords to remember. For website and mobile app developers, using Trusted Key means easier sign-up and login for your users, no more having to manage user passwords or deal with forgotten passwords, while providing a much more secure multi-factor authentication mechanism.

Setting up a Trusted Key Relying Party on your website or mobile application is simple with OAuth and OpenID Connect. Please see our guides here on available plugins and step-by-step configuration.

Easily add Relying Party support to your website or app using the below guides:

OpenID Connect
OpenID Connect Documentation
JS Documentation
Drupal Plugin
Drupal Documentation
WordPress Plugin
WordPress Documentation
Salesforce Documentation